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Aug 23, 2009
I have a new Nightforce 5.5x22x50. The Power Zoom ring is extreemly tight and difficult to turn. In a Nightforce Youtube demo I viewed, it showed a sales rep moving the eye piece that also moved the power zoom for the purpose of changing the power. That is impossible on my scope. If I move the eye piece, it does not move the power ring ( no matter how tight the locking ring is secured).
Which is normal? Is your power zoom very tight and is it impossible to move the power ring by moving the eye piece?
The Power Zoom ring is extremley tight and difficult to turn.

I do not know how tight yours is but they are stiff and thats a fact.

DO NOT turn it with the eyepiece. Thats a bad habit. You will wind up loosening the eyepiece and then the gun will shoot like it has a rabid raccoon on the trigger. Grab the correct ring and use that. In general, the similar feel between the eyepiece lock ring and the variable ring is my only complaint about NF scopes. When you are trying to concentrate on an animal in the field of view and wish to run up to a higher power it is really distracting to grab the wrong ring. You then have to get out of the scope and look up at your hand to see what is happening and then get back in the the scope and find your animal again. Bothersome to me.
Thanks for the reply. The main reason I asked on ths forum is a youtube video put out by Nightforce shows the sales person adjusting power by moving the eye piece and the user manual for the scope also says you can adjust power that way. I did contact nightforce soon I purchased the scope and he said what you said so I was a little confused by the different information. I agree with you, the feel of the two rings.
Thanks again.
I have the same scope you have and ive used the eye piece to adjust power....the scope it made this way on purpose as a "user friendly" feature. You are not going to mess up your scope by doing this.

As for it being so tight?? Well I am not sure. Mine is tight, but its not so tight that I cant turn it or have any trouble turning it, but it is tight....for a reason.

Send it back to NF and have it checked out.
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