HELP!! Nightforce Scope Problem


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Aug 24, 2012
Eastern NC
I just bought my new Nightforce 5.5x22x56 NXS yesterday (Tuesday) and already have a problem. My focus on the scope was a little fuzzy so I opened the owners manual and was reading how to adjust the focus. It said to rotate the eye piece away from the locking ring. I tried to do that with no success. The two were one and the same as far as I could tell. Then I noticed a little screw on the magnification ring/dial. I then loosened that screw, barely backing it out. Well the screw came right out with my Allen Wrench. I still could not adjust the focus. That screw which stops the magnification ring at 5.5 and then 22 when turned the other direction will NOT go back in. I then kept rotating the magnification ring both ways, several complete rotations looking through the screw hole looking for a "screw receiver" inside the scope that the screw would screw into. There isn't one. Upon inspecting the screw hole, it looks like the threads are stripped out. I can "tighten" the screw all I want but it does not "bite". It just spins continuously. I haven't even had this scope 24 hours and I have already managed to mess it up. I am guessing that I am going to have to send it to the factory for repair.
you shouldn't have done that, it'll probably have to go back to the factory at this point.

you have to turn that locking ring on the rear ocular the opposite direction to unlock it. drop me a pm or give me a call and i'll walk you through it
Scope is going back to Nightforce. Customer Service has been GREAT so far on the phone. This will NOT be covered under the warranty but the guy I spoke with said he thought I would only be responsible for return shipping charges, however it could take as long as four weeks to get it back. I guess I will be using my brothers 30-06 for the first week or two of deer season since I sold my 7 mag to buy the Nightforce.
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