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Dave King

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May 3, 2001
Just got word that my 338 Lapua is complete along with that of my hunting partner's.

Al (Groceryman) and I ordered these rifles after a visit in Kansas City with George Gardner of G-A Precision. We opted for extra long barrels (Darryl barrels) in the hopes of getting velocities over 3000fps with the 300 grain Sierra MatchKing. I should be getting mine in hand in a week or so and trying it out. I'm looking forward to using it in Alberta on a nice whitetail.
Wow Dave, those are beautiful rifles. I can't wait to hear how they shoot. The .338 ought to be just right for the big bodied hosses in Alberta. Let us know about the guns and the deer.
Very nice rigs. What is the weight of the rifles? How thick is the barrel at the muzzle? Please let us know what kind of velocity, loads, and groups it shoots. Good luck

This close enough to the top for ya?

Al (groceryman) just got back from a less than stellar hunt in Wyoming and wanted to see a picture of his newest, and as yet undelivered rifle.
Oh man the 338 Lapua is such a sweet gun to shoot. Amazingly awesome. I don't understand why it's not enormously more popular. It's got just about everything you could possibly want in a long range rifle.
Took the rifle out for the first time, I picked it up yesterday.

32" finished length barrel 1x9.3 twist Mike Rock cut rifling, 416 Rigby length action, holds 4 338 Lapua rounds in the magazine. Chamber is throated for 3.710 on the 300 Sierra. Standard "Set" trigger from CZ.

I loaded with Reloader 25, 87 - 94 grains, velocity at 87 grains was just over 2700fps, at 91 grains velocity was 2860fps, 92 - 94 grains was a second trip to the range and it was too dark for the Oehler to function. It appears the 92.5 grain of RL25 will put me at about 2900fps. I'm going to try VV N560 and try for over 3000fps with it, I really want that 3000fps mark broken.

Accuracy is very good but no groups with a single load yet.

Rifle, sling, bipod (Harris) and scope weighs in at a few ounces under 17 pounds.

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Many have said they are getting good results with H1000 accuracy & velocity wise. I am planning on using H1000 and possibly Retumbo, haven't heard much on Retumbo, but in your long barrel I'm sure it would be great.
Very nice rifles. No brake on yours Dave? I've not had one on any of mine yet but the Holland brake on my brothers 338/378Wby works awesome and is kind of changing my mind about them.

The last time we were out with the 338/378, it was right at 3000 fps with the 300gr SMK with 118gr H870 with an OAL of 4.100". His has a 32" Pacnor.

Good luck, let us know if you get the 3000 fps and with what powder too.
Now that you have the new 338 Lapua can we see the pic of that orney 338Rum. How does the new gun compare to the Tac-Ord built one?
Is the VV N560 slower than the RL25? Where does Retumbo fall too.

Glad you found a good fast load. My brothers was only at 2950 with virgin brass with psi at 60k psi. When the worked brass created more pressure the speed went to 3000 and groups were still 1/2 MOA. The 120gr load that went over 3000 at first was in the 1-2" range so we backed down to the 118gr load. Your case is obviously more efficiant than his. What is the OAL you're using?

I don't know where the V V N-560 powder fits, I've only used it a few times and that was for a 338 Lapua one of my friends shoots.
The cases that I used for the load workup are toasted..the high vel loads blew the cases out so much they won't fit the shell holder, about .003 expanded at the base. Looks like a "safe" of N560 load will ge me about 2950 and RL-25 will be about 2850. I'm going to look for some Retumbo and try that. (At near 3000 fps the primers were badly cratered and I believe I'd have a pierced primer is I were to keep using the load.)

The rifle is very accurate with the RL25 and not bad with the N560 until the vel get to 3000, then we're talking minute of watermelon.

It may not be that the Lapua case is more efficient, it may be that I'm a little too much risk taker
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