Got my newest rifle Monday

Dave King

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May 3, 2001
Just got my M40A1 style rifle yesterday.

It's a G A Precision from George Gardener.

Here's a picture, I hope. .fcgi?action=showMyPhoto&albumID=31598400&photoID=31598745&security=SqxoZRMfkq

Guess it worked.

That little handheld computer run's the RBC program for me. I didn't have a new TRGT data book so I used the one for my M1A. I also have on of Mike Millers' Tactical Intervention slings on the rifle, it has a quick detach cuff for sharpshooters and High power shooters.

[ 02-19-2002: Message edited by: Dave King ] didn't work fer me. I think the link you posted was for your private access to edit the pages. There must be a link for public viewing of the album that you can post...not sure how that site works but for PhotoPoint it was that I had to go tot he public view of the album then click on the picture and post that link. You can see it cuz you are a member methinx...
It a Cassiopea handheld. It runs Windows CE and has Pocket Excel and Pocket Word on it. I loaded the Ranging Ballistic Computer software from Peter Cronhelm's site onto it.
Thanks Dave

Just wondered because it looked a little like a Palm. I tried loading the Thing on my Palm using an Excel reader program, but found it too cumbersome to be workable. Glad you have better luck with your handheld.

Nice looking rifle Dave. I like the gray parkerizing. I have a similar Rem700LH in 30-06 parkerized, bedded in a McMillan A2 desert camo. It has all the goodies from Badger. Someday when I get a digital camera I'll post a pic.

Hope you have a lot of fun working up loads. Good Shooting, MM
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