New words and phrases of late..

Jake in NC

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Oct 25, 2002
.. Ever since falling under the sinister influence of you cats I've noticed a few new words and phrases showing up around the house.. I'm kindof pressed for time right now so I'll share this one from tonight.. Somehow in the course of a very brief conversation with me 'ol pal Gene about working up a load for the new .300 Tommy the topic of just how much shooting I would need to do came up.. My reply was something to the effect of: "..I can't shoot too awful much.. I only have a pound of powder..!!"
.. This struck me as somewhat profound coming from a guy who mostly shoots a .17 MachIV..! Hehehe..

PS- And on that note,I'm off to the club..!! CYA, Gents..!!

I know the feeling.

One of the first things I learned when coming to this site, was That Varget wasn't designed for just 17 caliber rifles. I'd used it for years and never heard of anyone using it for anything else.

I think my vocabulary will now change from .. "I have to buy a pound of powder" to.. "man I need another 5 or 8 lbs. of powder" Holy Crap.... I need another job!!!

You sometimes think you need powder by the "buckets" to load up 100 to 200 rounds.
Just think what the 50 Cal boys go through.

Just 70 rounds at 100 grs per case (300 Tomahawk) load would take 1 lb of powder at 7000 grs per pound.
That 7000 grs wont last long at 225 grs plus per case load in the 50 cal.--Something like 31 rounds to a pound.

You truly loadum by the bucket loads in that scenario.

Know what ya mean a pound will only get you 30 rounds for Boomer(50BMG) or Thumper(375BMG)
Between the BMGs & prairie dogs the term lb of powder has ben exchanged for keg.With a little care a guy can get 270 rounds out of a 8# keg loadin the BMGs or one trip out doggin(with the nephews Huee,Duee&Luee).The good news is you save on the Hasmat fee by buying 4-8# kegs at a time & you get the same lot,the bad news is it puts quite a dent in a weeks paycheck
OK Jake,

Just what the hell is a "Thommy"? Now seriously, where did this name come from? 50 yrs ago, that would have been considered a Thompson, what is is nowadays? Being our resident grammer instructor, I figure you would be the guy to ask
.. Hehehe.. Hey 4mesh.. The "Tommy" (.300 Tomahawk) is the hellchild of some of those Pennsylvania yankees as far as I can tell..
For me it's a simple and inexpensive artillery piece to play with.. d:^) JiNC

PS- You didn't end your last sentence with a period.. Never start a sentence with a number (spell it out).. And grammar is not spelled with an "e"..! We'll overlook the typos..

.. After this little trip I think I'm gonna ditch any idiotic notions about purchasing in quantities less than a keg for this adventure.. (Funny how things change over time.. Having a "kegger" 10 years ago would have most likely terminated with a prayer at the porcelin altar or another fun ride on that spinning bed..)
.. My poor little S-10 hunting truck is pretty much maxxed out with all the gear required to do a "load development camp".. What fun.. JiNC

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