New Toy !


Jan 30, 2003
central pa
Woke up yesterday and decided to take a ride to a gun shop I haven't been to lately to check out their gun selection. Well as soon as I walked in and got to the rem's I saw a few Senderos sitting in the rack.

Got to looking at them and found a 300 RUM at a realy great price. As some of you know I was planning on building a new rig in 300 RUM and after some discussion with the shop owner I decided to take the gun home with me ! The gun was bought by a guy he shot it like 10 times didn't like the recoil and traded it back. Got it for $200 less than the cheapest price I got on a new one.

I figured since I'm just getting started out in the LR game this would be a good route to go for now. Like I said I was going to have a rig built but after watching point blank 2 and seeing what could be done with a sendaro after a few mods I decided to check into them and found I could save some cash ( to be used on more LR gear ) get a starter gun and have the action to use down the road for a custom rig.

1st thing I'm going to do is take it over to R.W.Hart and have a brake put on and have them work the trigger. Going to order a scope and bases this week as soon as I get the gun back start breaking it in ! Can't wait !

Good Shooting

Sounds like you are off to a good start. How did ya like the shot made with the 270 WSM by that 10 year old girl in the vidio? I have a gun Just like the one in the Vidio except the brake was put on by another gun smith. I gotta get mine acurized yet though.
All I can say about that shot is AWESOME ! The whole video was just plain awesome. Loved it from start to finish. A friend of mine has the first one but I haven't had the chance to see that one yet.

I know one thing watching that video just gets me more pumped each time I watch it. A buddy of mine was over tonight and has never done any LRH of any kind and he was just blown away by how you could track the bullet in. I think it is a good video to educate the people who don't think it can be done!

I see you are from the Lock Haven area. I picked the sendaro up at Millers ( love that place )which you more than likely are familure with.

Good Shooting and good luck with the short mag.

NOT me
OK it's presidents day and Like Good ol George I can't lie,(today that is)
I know the place well. If ya get a chance check out NATIONAL sporting goods in Jersey Shore. David runs the place he has a nice selection NOT as big as Millers BUT All I can say Is check the tags!

Butch Boyd and the crew are doing a ground hog vidio. I MAY have a shot in that one.
Billy,$40.00 + 4.95 shipping will get you both video's......Vol#1 has 11 kill shot's from 400 to 1150 yard's.Vol#2 has ten from 425 to 964 yard's.Vol#2 also contains much How-To footage..Go to the for sale section on this forum.Look for,Its here Point Blank From Long Range#2
Billinpa.I know that gun well.About bought it more than once.I live about 15 min from Phil's....I sent you an e-mail...................Jody,saw a ghog yesterday

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I will have to check out that other shop...always looking for a better deal !!

Got your email and sent you a reply....glad you didn't buy it before I got to it
Also looked at the few custom built LR guns he had in stock....nice but not what I wanted.

Good shooting
Boyd, that was a sweet looking gun but I like the idea of the bigger 30cal bullet myself. I know some guys like the 6.5s and I have a friend who shoots a 6.5-284 but I was a little concerned about not being able to see the wash at longer distances. I am sure I will be hitting you up for some of your load info. I know a few guys who are loading for the 300 RUM but they are all shooting 180gr noslers and hornadays ( not LRH ). Can't talk them into switching to the SMK though so I guess I'll just have to show them the results. Going to try and set something up this week ref your email and thanks again for your imput.

BaldEagle713, I'm glad I'm not the only one drooling to get back out after the hogs !!Come on spring !!

Bill I would invite y'all down this way to do some hogging but, the weather here is just as bad
. Our airport ran out of deicer for the planes.
News just said that we have 300 mile stretch of IH-10, going from San Antonio towards El Paso,Tx.
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