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Mar 17, 2002
I just got it from the smith I am thinking it will take varmints out to 500 yards
if I do my part I have been doing some load development out to 200 yards. It is an XP 100 with a 15 1/2" Lilja 1-12 twist 1.200 HV Lapua 22BR tight neck 2oz trigger leupold 12x.I have a 7-08 barrel also.
crow mag,
That's a sweet little rig! I've been thinking of having a custom barrel built for my encore pistol in the same configuration as yours, please keep us posted on your results with it.
I got out today with the 22BR pistol to shoot at 300 and 400 meters. The groups were 1.5 at 300 meters and 1.8 at 400 meters it took 2.25 moa at 300 and 6.75 Moa at 400 meters I shot 3 shot groups.I will go out to 500 meters tomorrow and maybe 600
Crow Mag

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