New toy!

Rich Coyle

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Aug 14, 2013
Grants Pass, Oregon
This will be my first foray into long range shooting. Maybe I will even use it for hunting. The only thing I have, besides the desire, is a 7-.338RUM with a long neck reamer. During conversation with a 'smith I mentioned a 30" barrel. He didn't see a problem with that. What kind I velocity do you guys think it will get with at least 175 grain bullets? If I use it for hunting I will go with Hammer Hunter 177 grain bullets. Target bullets I have no idea.
I have a long throated 28” 7rum and I can beat 3250 FPS with a 197 smk and RL 26. You should get at least that much velocity. RL33 might be a shade quicker but with how low my ES is, I needed not look any further.
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