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But i am a long time reader. Ive recently been interested in shooting up to 700 yards but have been stumped on what caliber to build. The biggest game this rifle will ever see is a whitetail deer, and most of the time it will only be targets. However, im trying to find a round that will be relativly flat shooting, yet also not a barrel burner. So far im considering, 25-06, 6.5x55 and a 6.5-06. What can you guys reccomend or tell me? Thanks.
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You will get a variety of answers on this but, here's mine.

Make it a .30 cal. You could go .308, .300WM, or a personal fav of mine....300 Rem Ultra Mag.

Yes, it will shoot way beyond 700 yds accuratly. But, why not get the whole show in one shot.(pun intended)

When you, and I, can shoot 700yds with confidence, I dont want to buy anougher rifle to shoot out to 1200-1500yds. You have all the rifle you will ever need all ready..sakofan..Good luck with whatever you get..And again, welcome.
I really like the 30cal too and have a Gibbs, '06 and RUM. However, for the distances you are planning, you may not want all that recoil for plinking.

I am on a big 6.5 kick since Hornady brought our the 140gr SST. What a wonderful bullet. Very high BC (.65 to .7) and should be deadly on the size of game you are hunting. Match accurate too.

LR ballistics/wind drift are so also far superior to the mid weight 30/7mm/338 bullets. Cost of these bullets are also very reasonable.

So I would suggest you go with the 6.5-06 or improved/Gibbs. Try and get 3000fps. May need a 26" barrel with 1 in 9 or 8.5 twist of moderate taper.

Recoil would be very mild by hunting standards and with a muzzle brake, target shooting will be very enjoyable. This rig could be used for target shooting to a mile.

I am working on a wildcat I call the 6.5 Mystic. Based on a modified '08 case throated for this SST bullet, the accuracy potential has been very good. Muzzle vel has been a bit low at 2725fps (25" barrel). No problem for plinking but I would want more juice for hunting.

The 6.5-284 is also a very well designed case. It is not as easy to feed as a standard case and brass is much more expensive.

Another choice could be the 280Rem. A friend shoots 168gr MK out to 1000m. Very nice shooter and would hit a bit harder (?). A little more wind drift then the 6.5.

Wouldn't choose any cal smaller. Just not enough bullet weight for me at 700yds.

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