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Bruce Eakins

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Mar 26, 2002
Western Oklahoma
New to board, but been calling coyotes and shooting "out there" for in western Oklahoma...I need some advice on a long range target scope..My older eyes are getting picky about optics...I use the leupolds for hunting (have several II's and III's), I looked at a Springfield awhile back, but just wasn't clear enough for me. I want a scope for possibly a .308 to use for target shooting at 500-700 yards. What do you guys recommend?
If you look back in the Long Range Optics you will see quite a few commentaries on current scopes. Bottom line is how much money you want to spend - that determines the scope possibilities and to a degree the quality of the optics.

There are some pretty strong Leupold fans here, as well as some very saticefied Nightforce users. Most LR shooters like good optics and perfectly reliable, accurate turrets (adjustment capabilities). There are some moderately priced scopes from Burris and Bushnell that meed these criteria, as well as the big $ U.S. Optics at the high end.

Personally I am very happy with NXS (Nightforce), Leupold MK4's and have had a chance to use a pair of brand new scopes from Nikon that are going to be very good long range scopes when they become available this summer.

Good luck, these guys will no doubt give you some good info.
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