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  • Mr. Conley,

    I was wondering if you ever received any good load data for your 7-300 Weatherby? I have been playing with this round for over 20 years and have info if you still need it.
    Let me know and we will work something out. I may order one before then. I just dont want to order it then send it off and all that jazz. You have already taked care of that for me. I think the 3-12 is the route I am going. I just cant make myself do the rifle scope. I have not shot a rifle scope but I have tried to set one up a couple of times and cant get comfy. I also may call burris and see if I can get one directly with turrets.
    Let me see if the Thor moves first, since I am offering the scope as a package deal.
    Then, after a time, I would sell the scope separately. You will have first refusal.
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