new savage longrange hunting rifle model 111


Dec 19, 2008
Has anyone heard anymore about the release of these rifles? Someone said that they were going to chamber these in 7mm rem mag and 300 win mag also, can anyone else verify this? thsnks in advance:)
That's not the new one, is it? I thought they weren't releasing it until next year some time - so yeah, that ain't it.
I know they are making a new one in 6.5x284 with an adjustable cheek rest and accu-stock. It was a pretty sweet set up they had in the new Shooting Times mag.
If that is the one you are looking for it won't be until 2010.

yeah, the new model is the one I am interested in. I was wondering if they were going to chamber that series of rifles in 7mm rem mag also.
i read the article in shooting times and was impressed

the problem with that article is that now i just HAVE to get one :D

i am leaning to the 6.5 284 or 7mm

I like the ballistics of the 6.5x284. I also like the straight .284 Winchester. I like little magnums, so the WSM would be my option. Though I have really been wanting to build a nice 7 mag.

Saw this on the Savage web site. Here is the calibers and the MSRP. Everyone I talked to on the article that was in the Shooting Times article was pretty leary on the retail price that was listed - now we know.
Savage Arms > Firearms > Browse Models

I wouldn't go by the MSRP's they list. They are really high compared to what I have seen with other models setting on the rack.

Would someone do us that can't get to gun manufactures websites at work a favor and post up the msrp and cals offered off the savage website?
They're showing the 111 LRH in 25-06, 6.5-284, 7mm Rem Mag, and 300 Win Mag at an MSRP of $934. The 11LRH in .308 at $934 and 300 WSM at $972.

Hope this helps,
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