New Savage Build


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Aug 21, 2009
Well I got it done just in time for hunting season in Montana and carried it on Saturday for opening day. I have been slowly putting this together as funds allowed since last summer and it is great to finally have it done.

The rifle started as a 112 BVSS in 300 Win Mag that i bought back in 2010. The rifle was looked great and shot fantastic but I was ready for a change. I set out to build myself something a little lighter and better suited for the kinds of shots I'm currently capable of.

My stainless action had already been worked over by Fred at SSS so I had a solid platform to start with. Next came a McMillan Game Scout with their ultralight fill. Now my problem was the 26" varmint barrel was very unbalanced with the light stock. So the next purchase last fall was a 28" Proof PreFit chambered in 6.5x284.

Work, home life, and having a new little girl in the spring prevented me from playing with it at all over the summer but I wouldn't let myself go another season without it. I got a great deal on a Sig Tango 4 to top it off and I was all set. The rifle tips the scales at 9lbs ready to hunt. Man what a big difference over the 13lb rifle I started with.

With limited time to break it in and shoot I picked up a couple of boxes of factory ammo and headed to the range. A few shots to get zero and I was set. The next night we chrono'd it at 3100fps shooting factory ammo. That 28" barrel really cooks.

Haven't had time to work up custom loads yet, but things are looking good so far. It really has been a great evolution of a gun I originally started with because I found this site.
Very Nice, Sir! That fluted bolt is an especially nice touch. I've got a custom Savage build that wears a SSS fluted bolt as well. Very happy with their work.
Great looking rifle. I'm interested in how the prefit Proof shoots. Thinking of getting one for a short action build .
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