New rifle....


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Apr 17, 2003
North Carolina
Here's my latest thing.


Rem. VSLH, .308, US Optics SN-3 3.2-17x44mm, Badger Ord rings/Badger 20 moa rail.

...sakofan...So far, so good!!!

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The rest is a National Match Rifle Support.
Not sure if the gent who makes them is still around. He used to have a website, and I think it's been taken down. His name is Jim Owens. He used to hang out here, and AR.

The black wheel is a windage adjustment. The 4 smaller black knobs are to level the support. There's a level bubble on the front, and the long screw sticking out, is an attachment that clamps the rest down to the bench, and allows you to shoot high recoil rifles one handed if you like. Almost zero recoil.
The velcro strap, keeps the barrel from whipping.
The bigger silver wheel allows for elevation.

It's an amazing rest!!
I like to use it for load development, scope sight in, etc. (Or if I dont want a sore shoulder.)

It wont make you a better shooter, but it will let you find out how accurate your rifle/load is.

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Brad, I have shot it only 3 times. Too busy with work. Will get back out this week.

Very good accuracy so far. Might need to be bedded.
I have to get in here and rib; where I can. The rifle looks excellent, but the tv looks like your last 1000 yd target. Either you have some glare distortion, or an impressive grouping on the screen.
You guys are funny!!

My wood stove doesnt look that dirty up close, but Holy cow it looks bad in the picture.

Thanks for the nice comments....About my rifle, not my TV...sakofan..
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