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Oct 21, 2003
I just took possession of a SS Sendero with the fluted BBL in .300 RUM. I had one at one time in a 7mmRemMag and it shot wonderful. What do these guns in the .300RUM prefer as far as loads? I need something that will drop a deer dead in his tracks at 500-700 yds. I need him to drop like a ton of bricks and not run. I am leaning towards the 190 200 or 220 grain SMK's. Anyone else know of any "pet" loads for this caliber or gun? Thanks. I am off to firelap it this weekend to smooth out the bore a bit. It is a bit rough, but I think one firelapping session will do the trick nicely. Thanks for any info guys.
I have had great luck with 178 A-max for great groups shot several deer all drooped hard but had one poor results with the 178.

I have loaded the 200 Mk but bot shot a deer yet!! Do a search the 200 Mk is a popular round on white tail. Good luck with the break in .
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