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Darryl Cassel

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May 7, 2001

Whats the barrel diameter at the muzzle???

It can't be larger then .950" which includes the muzzle brake if it has one on. (16 1/2Lb class)

How wide is the stock at the forend? Can't be wider then 3" for the 16 1/2" class.

What twist is it?
If it's not an 8 twist it won't stabilize the 107 gr bullets which is popular in the 6mm diameters. The smaller bullets don't seem to shoot well at that range.

Just want to make sure you are legal. If not, it will have to go into the Heavy gun class.

Bandit, My buddy shoots a 70MK w/40grs. Varget, 91/2 primer, 39grs. H4895 will work just as well, says he's getting around 1/4" @100yds. I shoot a 75gr Sierra in my 6mmRem that shoots as good as his MKs. These aren't ideal LR loads because of their BC. I suppose your looking for something with a heavier bullet, I'd try a 95gr VLD Berger on top of IMR or H4350 or H414 powders with 40gr being your max.
Thanks for the replies.. I didnt get a chance to actually measure the bbl but if I set a dime on the muzzle the muzzle is just a tad bigger then the dime but it is smaller then a penny so I should be good there.. The forened is under 3 inches roughly 2 - 2 1/2.. As for twist how can I can i measure that? Unless you happen to know what twist the standard bbl from Ruger is.. I asked my dad but he said he "belives" its 8 but not sure..
Also as far as im aware of this gun was never shoot @ 1000 the farthest was roughly 500 on a whistle pig..

6.5 Bandit
I use a cleaning rod, a wet patch on a bore brush so it fits tightly in the bore and push it down to the muzzle end. On a piece of masking tape placed flush with the edge of the guide on the rod I make a mark on top (12 O'clock) with a marker, pull the rod out and when it rotates back around to the top in exactly the same spot, the length it traveled to the edge of the tape is how many inches for one full turn. This way it is easily measured to the 1/2 inch too. As Darryl indicated, 8" is what you're looking for... you'll be luck to get that fast of twist in a factory tube... I think. I think I only have a 9 twist in the model 7 .243win I have here, maybe even a 10. Good luck.

The standard 243 is normally a 10 twist and will work with bullets up to around 85 to 87 Gr Match type.

I didn't know if your rifle had a different stock and barrel on it other then the factory. When you said 14 or 15lb I couldn't think of a factory varmint style rifle that weighed that much without some additional weight added.

Even a Remington 40X only weighs 13 1/2 Lbs and it has a 27 inch barrel.

I have a 243 that has never been fired in a match yet. It has an 8 twist 30 " long barrel and I have it loaded and ready if you would want to shoot it. I have shot it at 1000 yards but never in a match. It has less then 75 rounds through it. Your welcome to shoot it.

The problem could exist that, I have to go out of State Wednesday and depending on some things, I may miss the next match. It would be the third match I have missed in 16 years.
You best have another rifle ready in case that happens.

Thanks Jay, I remembered crossing my fingers it was an 8, but it was not, couldn't remember exactly what it was though, didn't really matter after that though. I just remember the 100 grainers were the limit, least so it figures out that way. Anyone ever put the 107's through the 9 twists?
Welp i was hoping for the 8 but from what you guys are sayin then im sure its 10 since its standard for Ruger..


I would like to take you up on that offer to use your light gun if you dont mind.. However I will bring my 243 just incase your not there just to see what it will do with the light bullets.. Heck a guy was using a 17 with 39 grainers lol.. Never hurts to try but I no they probably wont perform worth squat but least ill have fun

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Ok all I just got a new light gun to use but could use some help with loads.. Since I told my dad I was lookin for a light gun to use in comp he broke down and gave me one of his favs.. Its a Ruger M77 Mark II in 243 with a 8.5-25 Leupold LR Scope.. Now I havent loaded anything in 243 for a lonnnng time.. Anyone got some good starting loads and bullets to use.. In case you are wandering yes this means I will be there on the 17
for the light gun shoot.. Although I need to weigh this gun to make sure its 16.5 or under it fells light enough but only the scale will tell.. Im guessing it to be around 14-15 lbs.. One again thanks for any info you may provide..

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Ok well I did some research here and the gun I have is there traget gun.. Standard has 26" bbl with 9 twist.. I was way off on my weight "guess-timation" its only 9 1/2 lbs without the scope. Here is the link to the exact gun it is..

Now my question is how well do you think the 107's would hold up?

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Well as my luck would have it.. My cousin's that I havent seen in 5 years are coming in on friday from Kansas so I wont make it on saturday.... But!!! I will be there on sunday

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