New guy with nightforce question?


May 29, 2010
North Central Idaho
First off, this forum is awesome, on to the the question. I ordered my first nightforce scope yesterday, I got the 5.5-22x56 np-r1 model and I wanted the one with zero stop but they were on back order, so I had to get the non zero stop model. I was wondering for the guys with this model of scope, how can you tell where you are after making a big elevation adjustment? Does the nightforce have anything that lets you know or do you just have to remember how manys turns off your zero you are? I will probably send the scope in for the retro fit zero stop but was wondering how difficult it was without. Anyway thanks in advance for any and all help on this matter.

the turret is marked how many revolutions you are off the bottom. shouldnt be a huge issue to make a note of it on your sling/ dope chart and then return to zero based on that.
In theory it's not a big deal. But I missed the biggest hog I've ever seen in my life (at least 325lb) and 3 others because I was 1rev off my zero when I dialed up. I am still beating myself up over it, extensively.
Well thats what I needed to know, thanks for the replies, Nightforce is about 30 miles from my house here in Idaho so It wont be that big of deal to get it fitted with the stop, hopefully, thanks again for the help.


you lucked out they were back ordered in my view. the zero stop model does NOT have any marks to indicate how many revs you are up, so you must take it all the way down to be sure. the good news is, you bought a nightforce. i recently spent $3,000.00 for a scope that could'nt hold a candle to a 12-42 night force in any of the optical categories. it even had the advantage of 50x and a 34mm tube. i won't mention names, but it was a joke, and got sent back for refund.

good choice,
Backcountry, your welcome, glad to have helped. You'll love the scope. I wish you the best with it. Enjoy.
Tom m., you mentioned a NF 12-42 and curious since most here on LRH usually don't go that high in power, what do shoot paper, game or both? Are you happy with it? I also own a 12-42 and just wondering.

yea, 1000 yard b.r. is my summer(not that we get summer), "hobby", and more power equals more better for that game. i love the long range hunting game better, and use 5.5-22 nxs for that game. the more power, less exit pupil, the easier it is to see flaws, and i was just giving him confidence he made a great choice. i like power for looooong range hunting/plinking, but don't want to sacrifice it for elevation travel. so at this point, the good "old" 5.5-22 nxs is still THE scope of choice here.
Tom m, something in my gut told me you used it for too that's why I got a 12-42 also. Thanks for responding.
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