New guy needing help with optics


Oct 31, 2003
I have gone through this forum and read all I can about Nightforce and IOR Valdada, even the Problem Jeff in Tx. had, but I still can't make my mind up...HELP

It will be used for varmint hunting during the day and at night. So I know I want the illuminated crosshair option. Here is what I have decided to choose between:

Nightforce NXS 5.5-22X56 with NP-R2 Reticle
IOR VALDADA 4-14x50 Illuminated MP8 Reticle

All thoughts and opinions are welcome

Both are great scopes. You cant really go wrong with either one.

Slight edge goes to IOR for me. The glass quality, and the price make it simple.

It's really a matter of opinion..sakofan..And theres mine.

I've been through a lot with IOR over the past few months. I'm glad to say they have some very good reps that really care and are helping to make sure the folks in-charge see the light.

I'm happy to say that IOR has agreed to replace my scope. It went out in the mail yesterday and I should have the new one by end of next week.

What I went through should have never happened, but due to the support of Jim Moloney things have been made right.

Give Jim a call (785-937-2818) and talk to him about your requirments and see if he can't get you taken care of.

Jeff in TX
I called Jim Maloney today and visited with hime about the IOR VALDADA scopes, he was very helpfull and a super nice guy to talk to. I have made up my mind and will be going with the IOR VALDADA 4-14x50 Illuminated MP8 reticle..

Get ready Varmints here I come... Thanks for the helpful advice that I recieved here from everyone
Zack..good choice of scope, and great choice of dealer to work with. Jim's a great guy..sakofan..Hell, I bought my IOR from him awhile back!!
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