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Mar 27, 2008
While my dad had me shooting, hunting, and pulling the handle of a Rockchuker from a young age, dedicated long range shooting is completely new to me. Prairie dog hunting involved alot of Kentucky windage with the occasional hit. I have decided to give this a go and have a couple of questions as it pertains to scope mounting.

I have located a great deal on a Savage LRP in 6.5 Creedmoor. I already have a Farrel 0 MOA base and on a fairly tight budget I could possibly trade it for a used 20 MOA base but would rather not mess with it if not absolutely necessary. The scope is a VX3 LR 6.5-20x40 with M1 turrets installed. Given the advertised 90 MOA of adjustment, is it conceivable that the sight in would leave me approximately centered leaving me 45 up and 45 down, this should get to 1K. Am I on the right track here or completely off my rocker? If I need some additional elevation could I get by with Zee rings and inserts?

If it makes any difference the bullets on hand right now are 130 Sciroccos, 120 and 140gr. A-max's. I would like to make it known that 1K will be the limit and this will only be occasionally, unless I prove to myself that I do have some skill and I am just not wasting bullets downrange...

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I doubt that the erector will be centered when you do your 100 yard zero.

I would zero the rifle using the equipment you have now. Once you have zeroed the rifle then count the elevation available. Next step would to be to run ballistics to see if the left over travel will get you out to where you want to shoot. The next part should be a no brain-er, but if you are lacking the elevation needed to get you out to your target distance, then you will need to swap that base out.

If i'm not mistaken bout 26 MOA is all you should need to get you out to 1K (basing that on a velocity of around 2900fps which I believe to be about average). So you should be ok.
Marinetowgunner.....answered it. Run the ballistics, Sounds like your gonna have plenty of room left over. 29 MOA at a k sounds about right for the 6.5. Good luck.
Thanks for the help guys. I will get it mounted up as is and see where I end up after zeroing it.

Here in southwest Nebraska I don't have a place to get to 1000 but hopefully a trip to Whittington in July will let me stretch its legs.

Thanks again,
I'm a newbie too but why not get the Burris Zee rings to start and use them to help zero the scope to start?...this would leave you maximum MOA left in the scope. Or am I missing something?
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