New deer gun?


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Jun 4, 2003
Hermiston, Oregon
I am in the search of a new deer gun. I am being quite picky about this one however. I have made quite a few requirements.

bolt action
short action
22-24" barrel
.25-.28 caliber
1000 ft lbs of energy remaining at 700 yards
2000 fps remaining at 700 yards

I have seriously only one in mind right now and that is the .270 WSM. Any comments or suggestions greatly appreciated.
Just thought I would share and compare some calibers on my mind that fit the list. All bullets are Nosler BT's because after all, this is my deer rifle and my deer see nothing but Nosler BT's coming at them. Range is 700 yards for energy and velocity.

.260 Rem 120g @ 3100fps..870lbs..1807 fps
.270 WSM 140g @ 3250fps..1221lbs..1982fps
7-08 Rem 140g @ 2900fps..922lbs..1722fps
7mm SAUM 140g @ 3200fps..1171lbs..1942fps

Please keep in mind the maximum range is going to be 700 yards. The average will be 450-550 yards. So far, my requirements are being quite tough, but I think I like the looks of the .270 WSM in a Browning A-bolt myself. As always open to comments and suggestions.
I like the looks of the 270 WSM.. I don't like Brownings though...

My only concern would be the bullets drift at 700 yards. A 140 gr bullet might have a tough time in the wind.. but then again.. I don't know.. I havn't ever shot 270 caliber bullets..
Hey Ric
You been out hunting the ol Wapiti?
Any new pics?
You really snowed in now?

140 in 6.5 seem to do OK for wind?
Depends on the size of the deer too?

I know you have whitetail;pronghorn; mule deer and Elk as natives and there is a vast difference in body size on all of these.What else is there?
you might try the Lazzeroni Wildcats
Lazzeroni Phantom .264 or Tomahawk .284

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Why only Nosler BT's? The Hornady SST does the same with a higher BC. The BT's are twice the money also. If you go with the 130g SST you can than go to the interbond using the same load and drops as the outside of the SST and interbond are the same.

I think the .277 140g BT will do quite good if pushed to 3250fps. A nice comparison is the .264" 140g SMK with a BC of .535 and a MV of 3000fps, the difference in drift at 700 yards is only 3 inches in favor of the .264" 140g SMK. Wind is 10 MPH.

The accessories, dies, brass, are out of my price range for the lazzeroni's right now. Not to mention the rifle. I want to stay around $650-700 for the rifle.

The only Hornady bullet I like is the V-max. I had bad experiences with the 117g BTSP and SST both in my 25-06 on deer. I'll stick to my Nosler BT's. There .257" 117g SST BC is not as good as the 115g Nosler BT. On that particular bullet there is very little boat tail if any. That kills there BC to something like .391 while the Nosler BT is around .453
I have used both BT and SST in my 270 win and taken quite a few deer with both. In the 270 they seemed to work about the same and the bc's on the 140g are BT-.456 SST-.495. With this and the cost I switched to the SST. The SST also shoot just a bit better in my rifle.
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