Nephew's Transformed Rifle!


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Jan 16, 2008
Falls Church, VA
Here is my nephew's rifle. It began life as a Remington 700 SPS "Cabela's Special". Meaning it originally came with a Mossy Oak Break-Up synthetic stock and their Pine Ridge 3-9x40 scope. Out of the box, it shot about 1.5moa on a good day.

It has now been transformed……

Stock: Boyd's JRS Classic laminate stock, stained with a touch of golden oak stain and multiple coats of satin polyurethane. It has been pillar and skim-coat bedded.

Optics: Leupold VXI 3x9-40 customized by the Leupold Custom Shop with M1 tactical knobs and mil-dot reticle. It sits in Burris Signature Rings and bases. Using the inserts the scoped is canted 30moa.

Action: Factory Remington with the locking lugs lapped to maximize contact.

Barrel: Factory 24" Remington chambered in 270Win that has been recrowned.

Trigger: Factory Remington trigger, tuned to a crisp 2.5lbs.

Here's a few pics:



So how does it shoot????? How about .5moa with me behind the trigger and .25moa with my nephew as the operator!! All with factory Remington 130grain Core-Lokt ammo. Can't wait to get some reloading done for this rifle!


Seeing my nephew's face light up while shooting his transformed toy was priceless. I'm looking forward to hunting with him and his new stick. All made better by the fact that now he will be able to shoot his own rifle for the loooooong shots.

Next stop for my nephew and his rifle…maybe Quantico for some 1k shooting!

A special thanks goes to Kevin Cram at Montour County Rifles. He did the 'accurizing' – barrel recrown, lapping of the lugs, trigger tuning, and pillar and skim-coat bedding. Obviously Kevin did a great job and I would highly recommend him to you.
Very nice looking rifle with some fine improvements. Was this a gift to your nephew?
The rifle was a Christmas gift from his grandmother. The stock and accurizing was a gift from his uncle (me!). He will be working hard this summer to pay-off that sweet scope sitting on top of the rig.
That sure looks nice! Maybe I could help him earn some $$ by giving me some shooting lessons!:D That's some fine shootin' he done!
VERY nice. He will be proud of that rifle for years to come.

May I suggest one item.....wax that stock. Helps prevents dings/dents in the field.
Your nephew must be one fine gentleman to have earned the favor of both his grandmother and yourself to do such a nice thing, very generous of both of you. Hopefully he will hold onto it for a lifetime.
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Matt want to be my Uncle??? Very nice rig!! and great to see someone getting the next generation on board. Nice work Kevin as always.
Wow sweet rifle! Those groups with factory ammo? With tuned handloads that will be a real monster (already is). Lucky to have such a cool uncle and grandma who buy him rifles like that!!

Woohoo a quantico match where I'm not the youngest would be cool :D
Thats IMPRESSIVE!!!! And factory ammo to boot! WOW! Tell him congrats for me. And kudos to you and your smith for making it possible to have the tools for HIM to SHINE like thatlightbulb. WAY TO GO
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