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Michael Jr.

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May 22, 2003
I would like to enlist anyone who is interested in helping me design a site area based on long range hunting. I'm looking for content - if anyone wants to write an article let me know.

You will be in good company, Dan Lilja has granted permission to reprint his articles, and a few other authorities have tentatively agreed to provide material.

For now, only the forum is activated - full site launch June 20th.

PS I'm not selling anything - only trying to provide a nice site!
Count me in! Precision fishing?
My imagination runs wild!

Switching computers here at home, be there soon.
That sounds great - the more the merrier. I don't know what happened to my username on the board - but I had to reregister...

Anyway - still looking for anyone that has a story or article they would like to contribute.

Anyone interested: please go to and choose contact from the menu on the left.
How about a Scandinavian moose hunt report?

If I´m lucky I will get some medium/long range reports but in general it is kinda fast,short range stuff with Dawgs.

I´ll take the camera now because my 338 Lapua will be loaded with Matchkings and they are no good for game so I´ll just shoot action pics.

That sound excellent. I'm gathering articles on all types of hunting and fishingn not just long range. Feel free to contribute any stories you might have. Until I read this, I had never heard of a Swedish Moose.
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