need help with a bear bullet


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Dec 18, 2007
spokane, washington
im going black bear hunting and am using a 270wsm. i was wondering if the accubonds would open/work well on a close in shot if i get one? i also have winchester powerpoint bullets too. i think the powerpoints will exspand more that the accubonds at close range. accubonds would work better further out i think. any help/ideas would be great
I wouldn't hesitate to use the AB. They are great performers. A Barnes TSX can also be devastating at close & mid ranges. Many good bullets on the market today for black bear.
Have used the Accubond for black bear,brown bear and a host of other animals. Never recovered a bullet and all animals hit the ground at the shot.

my father in law shot a black bear with a 300 wby and a 200 gr AB at under 50 yards. unfortunately we didnt recover the bullet ,but it did not exit. He shot it just before dark and we had to bone it out etc in the field after dark. still cant believe we forgot until halfway home that we should have looked for it! just spaced it i guess. Anyway, the bear only went 30 yards or so. I wouldnt hesitate using the AB
I just recently (28Aug09) shot a 250lb black bear from 15 steps away. The bear and I were both on the ground, in a corn field that he thought was his. I shot him with my 700P in 7mmRM using the 150gn Nosler Ballistic Tip (not exactly what the rifle was intended for!). I handloaded the ammo with IMR4350 (1/2gn over max) and 9.5M primers. I am getting 3211fps with this combo.
I waited for his shoulder to fill the Leupold and I gassed him. He went down and was DRT. Bullet went through both shoulders. If a BT will do the trick a AB or TSX would also. JohnnyK.
It's actually at the longer ranges that the accubonds might not open well because they are heavier constructed and they use a (hard) lead core, not pure lead. When I say longer ranges I mean when velocity gets down around 2000 fps. I wouldn't hesitate to use them on bear and they are usually VERY accurate......Rich
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