Need help buying a scope


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Jun 14, 2002
In looking for an affordable scope to put on a 700 heavy barreled .308 going to be used for 1000 yd F-Class (for now), I landed on 2 scopes:

1. Sightron S3 30mm 6x-24 50 MM side focus, 50 MOA elevation.


2. Burris Black Diamond 30mm 6x-24 50 MM side focus, 50 MOA elevation.

Both are fine plex, which I prefer for shooting targets, and are identical in specs as far as I can tell. 1/4 MOA clicks. The Sightron is a little higher in price, at least where I've been looking. Both will sit on a 20 MOA base.

Any comments would be appreciated.

Thanks and Happy Holidays,
Frank D
The sightrons are real nice scopes I have 4 of them, I have 1 Burris FF2 and it is nice as well but I prefer the sightron.
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