Need advice/info on a build...


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Mar 6, 2011
Guys I'm looking at getting a 6mm or 6-284 built for coyote hunting. I have plenty of heavy guns so I'd like to keep this one on the light side for carrying. The only thing I'm dead set on at the moment is a McMillan A3 stock and Remington action. Could you please help me out on what I should look at for a barrel and also what I should expect for a final price start to finish?


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Oct 30, 2008
Spokane, Wa.
I'm sure you'll get a variety of different answers but if it were me I would go with a fluted #4 or #5 at 26in. long and it would be chambered in 6-284.

Barrel $350ish for unfluted and $500ish for fluted

$225ish for action work if you choose to have it blue printed. Some think this is unnecessary, I personally think it's cheap insurance.

$225ish for barrel install. Chambering, crown, threading, etc. etc.

$225ish to have the stock pillar bedded to your action. I suppose this is something you could skip if you wanted to but I couldn't imagine not having it done.

For me, these would be the minimum costs I would expect. This doesn't include any trigger work or trigger replacement. Most smiths charge around $50 to adjust a factory Remmy trigger and $225ish for a Jewel. Are you going to have it bead blasted, leave it bare or have it coated. Price ranges from $35-$225ish. If you want a muzzle brake, that will be another $200-$225.

These prices will vary a little depending on the gunsmith but they should be pretty close.

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