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  • I thought I sent an I will take it before anyone else, couldn't get ahold of you, thought maybe you were on vacation or something , sent 3 PMs, anyway glad your back , starting to think something bad happened
    I forgot to mention we don't get text on our phone yet , still have the old flip phone, upgrading next week. Happy Holidays. Please let me know on the Norma, thank you, Danny
    You must be busy , when you get a chance could you contact me about buying your rifle please, I think I will take it pending contact with you . My email - [email protected] - cell- 605-216-1137 . thank you . Dan
    Call me about your 338 Norma Mag, Please do you have any of that factory ammo to go with it , or where do you get it? How old is the gun? How many rds has it had through it. 605-216-1137
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