Neck sizing with FL dies

So, a question regarding Redding die bodies. Would a .30-378 die work for a .338-378 since the neck is not being touched?
I think it's the other way around; 30 caliber's smaller than 33 caliber. But any full length sizing die with the same body dimensions as a smaller caliber one could be used on the smaller caliber case as long as there was enough neck clearance. It's happened for decades.

One guy that's shot on the US Palma Team has used a .358 Win. full length die as a "body" die on his .308 Win. cases. I've known some folks to use a .308 Win. full length die to "body" size their 7m-08 cases. And others have used a .30-06 full length die to "body" size their .270 and .25-06 cases. But they all had to be careful so the die's shoulder didn't touch the case shoulder else a step in the shoulder slope would happen.
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