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Jul 19, 2007
terlton, oklahoma

Reese "The Sniper" Smith, 11 years old from Coweta OK, shot this with a 223 from about 60 yards on the ground on Oct. 31, 2009. She was hunting with her grandfather David Wickline in southeast Oklahoma during a draw hunt in pushmataha county. The shot came from the rear of the deer and took out both lungs. This deer scored a 133( 135 would have made the record book) and had 12 point typical. It field dresses at 137 pounds and aged at 9 years old. This is 3rd deer this year and 6th dear in the last two years. She shot an 8 point and a small spike during a childrens hunt in early Oct. She also shot two wild hogs last year that both field dressed out over 250 pounds each. Reese enjoys hunting and doesn't miss when it comes time to drop the target.
my nephew's grand daughter
That is simply OUTSTANDING! Please pass on a hearty congratulations from an ol' Jarhead!

Great buck, and great hunting/shooting.

Regards, Guy
Reese congratulations!!!
That is one nice buck, and by the story she seems like a serious hunter already.
Good job, and hunt safely.
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