My wife is tough!


Sep 29, 2012
In 2004 my wife was diagnosed with MS. From 2004 until 2009 she battled numerous relapses that required heavy doses of steroids which left her with osteoporosis. Fortunately in 2009 the Dr's replaced her medication which has kept her relapse free to date. But the kicker is that studies have shown the extended use of this drug can lead to brain infections. So she is going on an experimental drug that was recently approved. She will start these meds in about a month if we can get insurance to cover the $35,000/yr price tag. We feel that it will probably be ok'd by insurance as her previous medication was $4,500/mo.
But the thing we are dealing with right now is 2 weeks ago her right ankle broke due to her weakened bones. Well this morning when she went to get out of bed she could not put any weight on her left foot. Took her to urgent care at the Mayo Clinic and found that she now has a broken bone in her left foot. Good news is, no more crutches, now she has a wheel chair.
She has been tough through all of this but today she shed a few tears of frustration.
I am sure the good Lord has a reason for this that we do not know.
My prayers are with you and your wife. MS is a difficult disease as I have a brother and a sister with it. I hope all works out with the insurance and the new treatment. May God bless you in a special way.

My heart and prayers are with you and your wife. As you say I'm sure there is a positive side of this.

Keep the faith!!

Every thing will turn out fine.
I hope your wife recovers quickly from the feet issues.

Just an FYI, coming from medical sales and specifically being in the very expensive medications for MS side. In dealing with the insurance companies make sure your neurologist will go to bat for you. Insurance companies have figured out that if they deny a medication or require a Prior Auth, that about half of the people and docotrs will walk away. It is a check to see if your are serious. If you fill out the prior Auth and it is denied (another tactic) have your doctors write a denial letter. If you and the doctor are willing to push it that far about 85% get approved. If it is still denied have them write a medical necessity letter and a peer to peer review. About 95% will get covered if you push that hard.

MS is one of the top two most expensive illnesses to treat and insurance companies will fight it. The medication I used to sell cost $24,000 for five days. We got coverage but it was a battle. the other issue to watch out for, but I think Obama care has taken care of, is lifetime maximums. MS patient are one of the few that could potential hit that threshold.

Good luck and keep the fight up, and if I can help with and tactics, pm me and I can try to help if possible.

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