My New Custom 280AI


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Oct 3, 2009
Northeast MS
I picked up my new 280AI a few weeks ago and have been breaking it in and started load development. After 35 rounds through it, it is broken in and I'm pretty much done with load development. This is by far the most accurate rifle I have owned so far. The target in the pic has the smallest 3 shot group at 0.205", and the larger one at the top of the target was 0.316 center to center at 100 yards. I have a larger sample size of these 2 loads loaded up to shoot this weekend to confirm. Here are the rifle specs:
Trued Rem 700 LA
24" Brux SS barrel 1:9 tw #5 contour (0.725" at muzzle), fluted
Manners MCS-T
BDL bottom metal
Spiral fluted bolt
Jewel trigger at 1.5lbs
Seekins 20moa rail and Seekins rings
Nightforce NXS 5.5-22X50 with MOAR reticle

The rifle was built by Dixie Precision Rifles here in MS and coated in Birdsongs Green T with the barrel and bolt flutes in Black T at Birdsongs Coatings also here in MS. The rifle weighs 10.5lbs ready to hunt. For the 0.205" group the load is : Nosler 280AI brass, CCI 250 primer, 60.0 gr H4831SC, Berger hunting 168gr vld just touching the lands at 2810fps. The other group is with 60.5 of H4831SC at 2860fps. Both had single digit ES.


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Nice! I chose the 280 for mine. Haven't had the chance to shoot it yet though. I got a sweet deal on a Shilen bbl. Will see how it does soon I guess.
Thanks guys, I built this rifle to be a mid weight, all around hunting rifle that I can shoot out to 1000-1200 yds or so. I really like the MOAR reticle.
Fantastic looks and impressive groups! Congrats!

How are you liking the MOAR reticle?

The MOAR reticle is perfect for what I need for this rifle. It's a little thicker than the npr1. It is perfect for shooting out to about 1500 yds or do, but the guys that shoot 2000 yds plus probably will find the crosshairs a little too thick.
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