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Jan 2, 2002
This is my first time posting a pic. Hope it works! These pics were before I had the lapping tool, and the scope is just setting in the rings. I also have a harris bipod now and only use the bear skull as a paper weight! I still have a few more coats of finish to add to the stock.

Howard and Bobby Wolfe gunsiths
Elkridge stock Bobby inleted and I finished
Nesika action
Krieger barrel
Vias brake


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Nice gun Cam! Hey, how do you like that wildcat style? Does the flared cheek piece and recoil pad fit you OK? It looks as if the curved recoil pad would work real well, especially with a bipod. I ordered one from in the gray laminate the other day for my RUM and I'm still 6 weeks or so away from getting the MBR for the 30-378.
Did you settle on a load for that bad boy yet? It's a coin toss for 500 and out between 115 H50BMG and 101 RL25 with 220MK both of which I checked for velocity after finding most accurate load and they are right at 3100. What are you getting outta yours?
Thanks everybody

I like the wildcat style, fit is good and just looks WILD. I have only been loading the 200MKs and just got some 210JLKs to play with. This gun DOSEN'T have the freebore as in our Weatherbys. I have had good results with several powders. H-870, 50BMG, RETUMBO, and I have just tried some WC872.

This shell is hard to fill with powder and stay down on pressure, the powders are just to fast for the case capacity.

I have only conographed when with a friend. and need to put the info together and do some more shooting.

I have the NXS with the NPR2 and need to keep the velocity down a little to utilize the features or this recticle.

105 grns Retumbo 200MK ? FPS (108grn retumbo was a little HOT,ejector mark but was running at 3500 FPS)
111 grns 50BMG 200MK 3350 FPS
113 grns H-870 200MK 3325 FPS
first time loading the WC872 Temp was 50 deg. I loaded up to check for pressure ten rounds. 111, 112, 113, 114, 115, 115.5, 116, 116.5, 117, 117.5. 9 of the ten shots at 200 yds was under 1MOA and the 111 fouler was 1/2" to the right of the group. no signs of pressure and the case was close to full. The WC872 is like H-870 and smokes like a muzzle loader(J/K)but it is dirty. I think the ball powders H-870 andWC872 are easyer on the tube than the stick powders and could be wrong on this.

I will be checking some velocitys again and will let you know more.

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Howard installed the brake in PA.
Where do you go shooting?
send me an email when you get time maybe we can go shooting.

Nice CAM,

Replace the RE25 load with slightly more MRP and see increased speed and lower pressures.

Others may have already tried it in the 30/378 and can give loadings.
I guess you could say that it's a nice gun.

That is if you are into brand new guns with $1200 actions and scopes and if you like having a cartridge that makes the normal hunting round look like a shot glass on a table full of pitchers.

And I suppose that it's cool that you are doing some of the stock work yourself if you are the kind of person that thinks craftmanship and patience are good qualities to have, as opposed to, say, the "I want it now and I want it cheap" way of thinking.

If you look at it like that then it's cool I suppose.

(Nice gun !)

BTW I notice that you are a lefty. Were you born in June?
Thank everybody
This is an old post, I almost missed it be brought back from the dead.

I thought you shipped out. Keep in touch and be safe.

I'll Try the MRP when things warm up alittle.

4ked Horn
Thanks I think

Its to heavy to pack around in Idahos mountains but it is fun to shot.
April, just missed being a fool by a few days!!!
But thats debatable
How far north are you?
Ever find any guns geocaching?
You must be a Lefty to have noticed, By the way I hear Weatherby is doing away with Lefthanded models?? what have you heard!

I joy your imput on this board.
Yep It was a compliment. My hunting buddy used to say stuff like that when we would see someone with a nice boat or truck. "I guess it's a nice truck if you're into $40,000 rigs that shine and sparkle and if you like having girls in bikinis hanging all over your truck all the time."

Kinda like that. I suppose it could lose something when read as opposed to being heard.

So how much does the gun weigh and how long is the bbl?

I read once that more lefties were born in june than any other month so I figured I would ask. I was a june baby and a lefty but due to a car wreck I had to learn to write right handed. I can still use my left hand but I'm lacking the fine motor skills to write well and the loss of feeling and some strength in the left hand means I can only shoot most guns right handed.

No guns found Geocaching. I backed off quite a bit on the geocaching since they did away with the rank website. I was approaching being in the top 25 for idaho and then they dumped the site.

I'm in the Boise area.

I don't have any word on the lefty guns. Never bought one. Always shot right handed on long guns.
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