my first build -


Oct 18, 2012
30-378 Weatherby

Dixie Guns - Winder, Ga - Doyle Anglin

Custom stock by Dixie Guns

Happy Happy Happy


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That is absolutely one of the more beautiful rifles I've laid eyes on. It's always nice when you can have a real functional peice of equipment that is always a work of art!

My problem is I would be terrified to take it afield!
Very nice rig, with a Beautiful stock. With that said i will have to agree with SavageShtr even being a south paw. Lol shooting right hand rigs left handed all of my life I decided to try a lefty rig and it made it out hunting just once. I polled a shot on a monster mulie a few years back went to drop another round in for a follow up shot and reached for the bolt on the right side in the heat of the moment... needless to say I sold it that spring.

Ill pm you about you round. I just got my ruger no.1 back chambered in 30-378 wby mag.

Nice looking rig!! The only problem i see is that the bolt is on the wrong side!!:D
Thanks for the replies......I also have been shooting right hand guns for a while and decided to get a custom build to match my left handed qualities. hehe

Anyway that first target pic is 250 on a 9 inch plate with the first and second shot so close and the second one is 550 on a 12 inch plate.

I would like to know how you guys stop with just one???

Now I have three more in the works.

how do you stop this maddness?
Cool rifle... and it will shoot out barrels as fast as it slings bullets. This might be good though, you'll always have a fresh barrel on it!
Okay, couldn't resist that. Let us know how it shoots past 1K.
COBRAD - That's the cost of doing business as far as I see it.

There's always one sour *** in a in a group and you are it son.
COBRAD - That's the cost of doing business as far as I see it.

There's always one sour *** in a in a group and you are it son.

Aw friend, don't take it personal... hell I like you and I haven't even met you!

I'm sure the rifle will deliver what you had it built to deliver. I've shot some hot-rods in the past, and enjoyed most of them. I'm just back to my personal favorite, the boring old 7 Mag. It keeps pounding things down with little fanfare.
As sexy as I find rounds like yours, I'm just over it and happy with plain-ole' plain-ole'.
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