My first rifle build


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Feb 16, 2017
North Idaho
2B162D26-AC2F-4385-9D19-315F58A7624E.jpeg 9CCEEFB4-DA69-41D7-8B7F-6E87F4620A41.jpeg D0C9B987-8ACF-4488-ADA8-251F0EF0C00E.jpeg 4351A167-8F9A-415A-BBFA-9144BB1178CE.jpeg 9507BC3E-F286-426F-8777-87F3CC5E719F.jpeg A7826C42-A7C6-4D57-ACE2-03DCC9A0E78C.jpeg 3BA5030A-9E00-4721-A208-841E0FFB7BD9.jpeg This last weekend I almost finished up a gun build I’m doing for a buddy of mine. Only missing the trigger now.

It started as a plain model 700.

Ordered a trigger tech special trigger, magpul stock, magpul mag well and
Mag. I had leupold mark II rings laying around and I’ll set him up with my loaner scope.

First thing was to lap the lugs, and lap the picatinny rail to the receiver. Then I cut the old bolt knob off and cut and thread milled the OD for a metric bolt size that I had already made a titanium Bolt knob with. Threaded it on and blended the edges to the existing bolt arm.

Muzzle break was next. Went with titanium because, why not? Just a simple 3 port that came off the lathe looking real shiny! A while later with a lathe and a steady rest, the barrel was Threaded and I got the brake timed to the action.

Next came the grueling part. Cerakote on the barreled action, bolt, muzzle break, picatinny rail and scope rings. Blast cabinet prep, soaking in acetone, pre bake for gas out, then lots and lots of spraying with a little hobby size air brush.

Really happy with the color scheme. Now I have to build myself a rifle!
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