My 300 RUM Gun


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Feb 4, 2009
Nothing special (yet).
Factory 26" Barrel
HS Precision Stock
Leupold VXIII Tactical 4.5-14x40 AO with MilDot
Leupold PRW Rings
Nightforce 20MOA Base
DE Muzzle Break
DE Check Piece
My own Camo job, and Ultra Sling
Nice rig, how is it shooting - grouping?
How do you like the reticle in that scope? Specially for long range shots? Are they too thick?

I was using Hornady 180 Gr SST's (3310 fps) when I first got this rifle (around 6 years ago), it grouped them just over 1/2 an inch. After the deer hunt this year I wanted to upgrade the 300 and added the 20 MOA base, muzzle brake and check piece, and have switched to the Berger 210 Gr VLD's. I have not had a chance to shoot it yet, just got the check piece last week and mounted it the day after x-mass, once the paint had dried. I still have to level the reticule and the Anti Cant level.

I will post results once I have some data from the new loads. I'm excited to shoot this gun with the new DE brake. I shot my brothers 338 Edge this year and am VERY impressed by how light the recoil is with the DE break.

The MilDot reticule is OK the smaller lines are fine for long range hunting and have not had any trouble with them. I wish I could get a reticule that was MOA in the scope.

For the price I paid I could not pass up this scope. I got it for about 1/2 the retail price. I have two other scopes on guns with the MilDot on them and they work OK. I just do not use the MilDot E-Nuff to be good with them, I dial in the drop and use a laser finder for range. I do have a quick cheat sheet with MilDot hold overs to use in a hurry out to 600 yards for the 180 gr SST load. Wish I could get something like the NP-R1 in this Leupold.

Roy Thanks, not bad for a rattle can, I think the camo job came out well. Wish I would have had the check piece 5 years ago when I painted the gun so it would blend better. But it works.
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Good job on the camo-unique and I like the colors...go well together. All in all a very nice rig. Thanks for sharing.
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Nice looking rifle, Cordell.
Have you got your 338 barrel ordered for your EDGE, to catch up with your brother ?

With the holidays and being so busy i have not got it ordered yet. I have been spending some time with my 22-250 to get it more "competitive" with Robert's 243 WSSM. I cant let him get all of the Coyotes.
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