Mr Brown dropped off my new stick


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Mar 4, 2009
Camino, CA
I cant wait to rush home and grab my 700 and head off to the smith. Have a 700 chambered in 243 that I ordered a new barrel for... Heres the info on the barrel...

Ordered from Benchmark Barrels, its a 6.5mm barrel, 25" finished length, fluted SS, 1:8 twist 3 groove, Lilja #5 contour. Planning on huffing Berger 140 vld's out of it chambered in 260 rem. :) I have my Forrester dies already... I cant wait to shoot this thing!

Sorry for the crappy pics, but Im at work... Tthe rest of the day is going to be soooo slow going by....

Please excuse my excitement, this will be my first long range build...

Novaman, congratulations on the new stick. Mr. Brown just brought me one too this last monday. It's a Broughton 1:11 twist 5C in .308 that I plan to finish at 25" for my 300 WM.

What part of N.CA are you in?
Looks like it's been close to 10 months...was this just a rebarrel or the whole 9 yards...seems a little long???:)
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