mossberg 300 win mag

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  1. jstahl

    jstahl Member

    Dec 16, 2012
    Just picked this gun up for really cheep. Never owned one. Does anyone have any experience with them. I really like how the gun looks it has a muzzle break and fluted barrel, laminate wood stock and its light. Thinking of making this my long range gun. Any help is greatly appreciated thanks!
  2. JPaul17

    JPaul17 Active Member

    Jan 2, 2012
    From the sounds of it I'm guessing you have one of the newer models, I have one of the mossberg 100 atrs in 270. Was picky at first to find the right load but now I've got a good load with the 140 ballistic tips. Seems to shoot and nosler and most hornadys pretty well. Not going to say its a .25 moa gun but I have had a couple groups around .4 most being right at .75 inches at 100. Putting a boyds stock on mine since it just has a plain synthetic on it now so that may help more but as long as you find a good load and have a decent scope you should have a decent rifle for not much money. Hope you like it and good luck with it.