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Oct 2, 2002
I'm a south paw looking to put together a short action 6.5. I've narrowed it down to a 6.5-284 or 6.5 WSM. I wouldn't consider myself a long range hunter preferring 400 yds. or less. I've heard the 6.5 WSM is a bbrl. burner. Any suggestions? Montana Rifleman will soon have their relatively inexpensive action available in various LH configurations and offers chambered bbrls. in both calibers I mentioned. Is their product any good? Are they competent at building an accurate, square barreled action? If I could find one I would go for a short LH Rem. 700 but they're kinda hard to come by.
I have not used a Montana Riflemans action.. yet but have used a few of his barrels with good results. I note the Alberta tag. Have you considered a barrel from Ron Smith? I have several of his in various calibres & have found his barrels not only extremely good but for us north of the 49th more affordable and more importantly attainable.I have heard that 6.5 WSMs are hard on barrels but if you use a good stainless barrel & the have it cryoed this will help slow down the throat erosion problem some.
Long Ranger;

Thank's for the reply. I've been told by more than one fellow Albertan that Ron makes great barrels. I understand that he is getting fairly close to the age where "hangin' it up" may cross his mind. I guess I should order a spout pretty soon and worry about the rest later.

I have a barrel from the montana rifle man. I found the stainless very "gummy" and unplesent to machine. Im not sure what alloy Ron Smith is using, but his stainless is much nicer to machine, and more "stain resistant" The other thing about Montana Rifleman stainless is that it is far from stainless. Now I realize that stainless is a misnomer and should read stainresistant, but my Montana Rifleman barrel rusts almost as readily as regular carbon steel. Having said this, the barrel which is chambered for 7.62x51 is very accurate. Personally I would go with Ron Smith just to support a Canadian industry and to avoid delays at the border.
Just remember that trying to import an action is the same as a complete rifle. Big pain in the butt. That "cheap" action is going to get real expensive once a few middle men get in the way to help you do the paper work and clear customs. Would have to be registered at the border "IF" Montana Rifleman is a recognised supplier through the eyes of C68. If not, you gonna have even more fun. If a Canadian knows how to easily import actions/rifles, please post this info.

Have you considered a Savage action? Real cheap and now with lots of aftermarket support. Can be every bit as accurate as a Rem 700 action. Very easy to change bolt heads too.

As to Barrels, I own a "shot out" Gaillard. It is one of my most accurate barrels. Would love to see what these shoot like new. Ron Smith makes good barrels too (by reputation) and his gain twist barrels have a lot of useage in Calgary area F class shooters. They seem to shoot just as well when really hot.

You may want to wait before diving into the 6.5WSM. Winchester is going to bring out another family soon... the WSSM. This will be a shorterned version of the WSM for the 22 and .243. Of course, this case would be pretty much perfect for a 6.5. Move over 6.5/284Win, there is going to be new competition soon.

Good luck...

I have a Smith barrel chambered in .25 gibbs, 26 inches long. It's very accurate with max loads.Its stain resistant,easy to clean.I am using moly coated bullets with very little copper fouling.
All good advice fellas, thank's loads. I'd gladly base my project on a LH SA Rem. 700 action if I could find one. I'm pretty sure they used to offer SA 700s in .243 & .308 but now they sell a SA LH 700V but I hate to "part out" a new rifle, and I don't really want a varmint/BR style of stock.
About the rumored .300 WSSM, won't it end up (depending how "S" it gets) about the same as the .260 Rem.?

I have some info from Winchester on the WSSM and they are even bringing out a new supershort action for this sucker - the actions are 1/2 inch shorter than existing WSM's (Browning is also doing a super short action). Will come out in the Coyote configuration with a 24" barrel, others are 22 inches.
OL's for the .22 and .24 are 2.36", the case length of the .22 is 1.670", probably the same for the .24.
They are showing the new cartridge compared to the .22-250 and .223 of course, imagine the performance will be closer to the .22-250. No ballistics info in their initial handouts.
WSSMs are not final tested yet. Winchester is still modifiying the reamers and testing. Dave Kiff is still sending different reamers to them as of yesterday. Josh project mgr at Win said testing will not be done and decision made until late Nov with announcement at shot show. BRcentral had pictures of dummy cartridges and box for shot show photos. Win is really PO'd that someone leaked the photos.
Will Winchester sell just the Action? I've been thinking about a new project based on the WSSM coyote, but I hate to buy a new rifle and throw away the barrel and stock.
I got a nice press-kit from their ad agency with transparencies, drawings and lots of info, well prepared material. Also was told at the last SHOT show that these were in the works, by an engineer for Win. You figure they sent the info kits because of a leak?
Winchester does not sell actions, just don't happen. Understand only one person gets them and he is a gunsmith who works for them on design projects, nobody else. Builds very high dollar rifles on actions that he does magic to.
Well so much for the idea of getting by at a minimal expense. I hate the thought of spending that much money on a Wildcat that may not work.

Coyote Gods has pictures of the new Rounds and their boxes too. I've heard as couple of other places showing them too. I guess good news travels fast.
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