Minox Binoculars


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Sep 26, 2003
Central Wyoming
Has anyone had any experience with Minox 10x52 BR binoculars? From what I've read and done some actual visual comparisons with the big three (Zeiss, Leica, Swarovski) they seem like a great bargain. Minox is owned by Leica so I'm sure they're of very good quality. They cost half as much as the other three. Seem like a great value dollar for dollar.
I own a pair of minox 10x24 they are as good if not better than my leupold goldring 10x24,I looked thru a pair of 10x52 minox at a gunshow and they seemed to equal my zeiss 7x50 classics in resolution,but couldnt tell about light gathering.I also have considered buying a pair of 10x52 or10x56

I have a pair of Minox 8 x 32, They are great binoculars for the money, I am thinking about a pair of the HG Minox, I have heard they are top notch glass.
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