Minox ZA5


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Aug 20, 2006
Missouri Ozarks
Anyone shooting the Minox scopes, I have read all the old threads and all the reviews I can find. It looks like they have good glass but I couldn't find anything concerning the reliability of the adjustments. Anybody cranking knobs on them? I'm looking at the 3-15 or the 4-20 specifically.


Having the same problem with getting opinions on one of their spotters and not having any luck either. They are reviewed very well and they have a no fault warranty. No retailers around (cabelas, wholesale sports)have any of their spotting scopes so I might have to buy unseen.
I have a ZA5 3-15x50 and really like it has a hunting scope, clear. I have turned it a few times and it always goes back to POI. If you are looking to dial up and down on a 1" inch tube I would go with a sightron SII big sky or Ziess with target turrets. I say this only because the feel of the minox turrets is not a positive.

For a good price on Minox gear give Tom Clum a call @303-421-2259

Rocky Mountain Specialty Gear - Traditional Archery Suppliers

These guys are personal friends of mine. Let them know Jon Strombeck sent you.

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