Millett 6-25X56 30 mm Tube

Daniel Hall

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Feb 12, 2003
North Bend WA
This Millett scope made by Hakko has had my interest for a few months now and after some shooting and evaluating against other scopes I'm ready to tell you this is a decent scope. I have an 8-32 Nightforce on my 30 Cal. 1000 yd gun as well as a few Leupolds, Weavers and others on some other rifles that I compared it to. The optics are not as clear as the Nightforce but they are as good as the 8.5-25 Leupold. The 1/8 Min. adjustments are on the money and the adjustable objective settings are so accurate on mine that it could be used as a range finder. All this and it can be had for $200.00.from Graf & Sons. Now this scope is huge for sure. Along the line of the origional Nightforce products but for the rifle where a large scope is not a problem check this out.
I was interested in this exact same scope and called Millett to find out about it last week. I was told some parts (didn't specify which) come from Japan but, assembly is done in China. Millett apparently sent their engineers/staff to China, updated the assemblers equipment and have the scopes made to their specs. Optics are "multi-coated" versus being "fully multi-coated". The good thing is, it's got a lifetime warranty. Both Graf's and Midway have the scope for about $197 (Midway's are backordered), Natchez has it for $299 (?).

Not knowing anyone that has had one, I haven't taken the plunge yet. Would be interested in anyone else's ACTUAL PERSONAL experience with the Buck Gold line of Millett scopes. Take care.

I have Millett Buck Gold 6-25X56 MilDot(207.39 @ Graf's) scopes mounted on my Sav 112BVSS 25-06 & Rock River Arms Varmint 24 (Ar in 223). Neither are "big kickers" and I have only used them at 100 yds twice this spring since mounting them. I found them as clear as my Burris BD's and better than my target Tasco which I have always liked. Since I recently had reconstructive shoulder surgery, it will be some time before I can use one on my new Sav 12FVSS 270WSM -- still not a "big kicker" but big enough for me.

Physical size seems similar to Springfield Armory or Nightforce. Moving the point of impact around the target and return to zero seemed to match the input of the turrets. So far, my experience seems to mirror Daniel Hall's posting. I only tried it once per rifle and it was at 100 yds so don't read too much into that. A friend has one mounted on an Armalite AR-50 without adverse results so far. Again, this is not a true test since he hasn't put more than 100 rounds through the rifle with the Millett mounted.

I didn't buy them for a carry rifle to hunt coyotes with, but do intend to use them on the prairie dogs of South Dakota as soon as my shoulder heals. Sorry I don't have more to offer.

I have only tried one Chinese made scope. I dont recall the name but the price was to good to pass up. Of the three that were shipped, two did not make the trip and one dropped its guts on the third shot with my .300 win mag. I will say one thing for them, they were fast with the replacements and after the third they sent me a refund with no questions asked. I was only out about $25.00 in shipping. Anyone know where I can get one of these in Canada?
I'm not sure of the M.O.A. range but you can probably find it on Millett's web site. As you've heard it's got a lifetime warranty and it is NOT a side focus, that would be nice. The rifle I've got this thing on is not a kicker, it's a 243 EtronX. Which is a completely different interesting subject.
Moosehunter, Was it a BSA? I'm sorry but I'd never trust a scope made in China, no offence Mike, maybe it's not as bad as a BSA, but it's made in China for cripe sakes, brother-in-law went over there to see if he wanted to put a factory for his plastics business there, no !u%&#&$ way, it's a bloody third world country. Sucks over there. Check out some of the reviews on BSA scopes on the Midway website, one guy says "it's as bright as my Leupold and repeatable too", rate it 5 stars, the guy down on the bottom rates it 1 star cuz " I took one shot and it spilled it guts" You guys can try'em but I wouldn't trust'em on anything over a 22 Mag. IT'S MADE IN CHINA
Jay, You really shouldn't sit on the fence on this Chinese made scope issue! Just kidding. I tried a few BSA scopes a few years ago without problems, but traded them off because they were not as bright to look through as the Burris BD scopes I started using. I think I was lucky because their workmanship was not really impressive. They worked ok, but seemed cheaper than they cost. Millett quality seems much better than a BSA, Bushnell lower level scopes or Tasco. Not a Leupold, Burris or NF by any stretch, but pretty good for a budget priced scope so far. The Milletts may eventually be replaced too once I am able to reach my goal of owning a NightForce or they fall apart! My new projects/plans are my Sav 12fvss in 270WSM and a future purchase of a 308WIN heavy barrel. I will add an NF or other high quality glass to them and really start serious long range shooting. In the meantime, I will try to get my money out of the Millets by learning how to use Mil Dots better and shooting as many prairie rats as possible.


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Hey, I just gut done shooting this Millett 6-25x56 on a light(7 Lbs.) 300 Win Mag and it held together and adjusted accurately. Again all the adjustments were perfect. Move it 4 inches up & 2 inches to the left and the point of impact moves precisely. You've got to love it. The only other scopes I own that do that on regular basis are Nightforces. More to come.
I have to agree with Jay. Not only would I not buy a scope made in China but we should not support its repressive government either. Leupold or Burris. No foreign stuff. I had duke it out with Jay on Leupold vs. Burris BD. But I like Oregon & Coloroda. Leupold & Burris.
I have been shooting a Millet 8x 25 with mil dots for about 2 months on a Win Coyote in 300 WSM. Seems to be a lot of scope for the money. No NF or Leupold but very good for under $200. I had the duplex first but the coatings were spotted, sent it back and they sent me the mil dot. No problems with adjustments or anything and it has held up. However it is big!!

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