Millett Buck Gold 4-16x56 Side Focus 30mm Tube Mil-Dot Reticle


Sep 27, 2007
I am thinking of buying a Millett Buck Gold 4-16x56 Side Focus 30mm Tube Mil-Dot Reticle scope to use for long range shooting for deer hunting. I'd mount it on a 7 mm rem mag. Anyone using this or a similar scope? Any pros or cons?
I recently purchased the same model scope with the exception of having duplex crosshairs. It took the place of a Millett Buck Gold 4-16X56 pre side focus on my 7mm STW. I am impatiently waiting for cooler weather to bring it for a test run at the range. The original Millett scope gave me fits( I went through 3) on the STW. The first one that I mounted work fine for several trips to the range and then mysteriously would not hold zero. The second scope held zero perfectly. I made one trip to Alabama, shot 3 shots, and brought it home. Somehow, there was an internal problem with the scope and all of the targets were elongated. Similar to The word STOP on the pavement in a parking lot. The 3rd scope seems to be working really well. It keeps zero, clarity is excellent, and adjustments are repeatable. I have had it on the rifle for the past 4 years with no problem. All problems with the original scope were promptly handled by Millett customer service. I am anxious to try the new scope and see what I can get out of it and if it is as dependable as my 3rd scope.
Thanks for letting me know your experience with the Millett scope. Let me know how the new one does on the range. They are out of stock now anyway and I'm not in a major hurry to buy.

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