Mesquite capped Rem 700 Stock


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Nov 5, 2008
N.W. Texas
I rebarreled this 700 for a friend to 6.5-284 from 30-06, and replaced the plastic stock caps with mesquite and re-checkered it while I had it. I thought it turned out nice. It's a 1-9 twist and shoots the 130 Bergers very well.


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Very nice, I like a nice simple rifle like that. I just decommissioned another Rem 700 7mm mag and I'm leaning 6.5x284.
Nothing wrong with a 30-06, one of my all-time favorites. I plan to build a dedicated long range '06 some day, or maybe a M70 clone of Carlos Hathcock's rifle just for fun. The owner of this rifle is a pure coyote hunter and a 6.5 is a huge gun for him. He just wanted a rifle he could dial in long on one if felt the need to.
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