McRem 3/20 400 yard report.

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    Jan 31, 2011
    Today was a beautiful day to shoot! Today I took better notes however the garage the chronograph is in is locked so I couldn't retrieve the graph to get speeds. I barrow the graph from a friend of my fathers so we keep it in my dad's garage which is where I shoot. So I am guessing on the velocities when I am putting my info in the strelok app.

    Todays Temp was average 40 degrees
    Wind 3-6 mph sw
    Pressure 28.78
    Humidity 64%
    Altitude is 2500
    Target is directly south

    Today's load is

    10/60 4759/4198
    275 Parker BE's
    Wool Wad
    Win209 Primer
    No Sizing/No Knurling

    100 Yards

    I think I pulled the 2nd shot however the group is what it is. :)


    This is a 400 yard group and I only had 2 of the 10/60 loads left so this is only a two shot group. Also this group is the last group of the day and I know the vent is well past its usefulness. The group is right around 4" group so still MOA accuracy. Also this group is a 11 MOA elevation adjustment with a 3 MOA wind adjustment.


    This was the first 3 shots of the day with the 250 FTX to get the barrel warmed up and see where my zero is. Again the wind is at blowing left to right which I believe is the reason they hit a little right. The 3rd shot I knew was going to hit farther right as soon as I shot. I wasn't centered where I needed to be.


    Todays session was a little better than the last as far as scope adjustment. I am starting to believe that the BC (.250) is a little high for the Parkers yet only time will tell

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    Apr 6, 2011
    Keep shoot'n, you'll get even better :)