match kings at close range



i here matchkings are used to kill at longrange but how do they perform at close range on say a animal like a moose??
I have shot several deer at around 100 with 180gr match kings had complete penitration. They seem to preform a lot like any other hunting type soft point.
I shot a cull doe with a 220 out of my Ultra at 3058fps at 30 yard's.Hit a rib going in and two going out.Exit was about the size of a golf ball....
I've done some tests, and the MK will tumble 8" to 10" into the medium or "target" at just about any impact velocity. This tumbling effect imparts much more internal damage than a perfect mushroom that only penetrates 8-10". That's why golf ball sized holes at 30 yd.s or 400 yd.s.
I shot a 240SMK from my 300 Tomahawk (2950fps breakin/fireform load) into ballistic gelatin last week at ten feet. The jacket separated after the round penetrated 18" of the gel. The core penetrated an additional 30" of gel and exited the 4 blocks I had lined up in a row. The last block was lifted off the table it was on and hurled downrange about 10 yards. These blocks of gel weigh about 20#. There was a 1" deep trough about 24" long pressed into the 1/8" wall aluminum casing we use to set the blocks on. This was purely from the hydrostatic shock imparted by the bullet. I also shot several other name brand HUNTING bullets into the gel( including one bonded core bullet) and none performed any better than the SMK. Some actually performed worse. This is by no means a scientific test, but I am convinced that the SMK can and will perform well on game.
From experience, they'll either punch right through like an FMJ or drive bone &/or fragments through too. It depends on what they hit as they enter. They DO hold together well....
Man! you guys make me think that maybe I should try some of them. I'm shooting a 308 Remington Sendero(which I don't know the rate of twist in it's barrel) so what grain should I use to hunt deer.
Chris, do you have any idea what rate of twist i have in the A-Bolt? seems to do pretty well with the 175 (i can shoot MOA on that steel you were "head shooting" saturday night.......dean
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