Magnum primer question

That's not cold enough to worry about
This was January. Calling foxes on the river. It was cold, maybe 18⁰ F but the river wasn't frozen


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I'm in the same boat nearly out of federal magnum primers, I have 800 cci br2 large rifle primers, could I use these in a 338edge or is it asking to much?
I am down to a couple 100 Federal 215M primers so am looking at substituting either Winchester magnum primers or CCI magnum primers, which would you suggest for a 300RUM?
If you have a choice, you're probably better off with the Winchesters over the CCI's. For whatever reason, I've had hang fires with the CCI's especially in the 90 grain plus loads.
Nice dorado in your photo, been to Mexico twice never caught ones that big though
I'll take a big Dorado over a Sailfish or comparable Tuna or even Wahoo any day of the week. They are one of my favorite pelagic species. I might get hate for that comment about Wahoo!
I just did a test on my 6.5 RPM
Loading 120 gr ELD-M with 61.5 4828
loaded 3 with 215M Federal and 3 with LR Winchester!
(before anybody starts ragging on me for light loads let me say these are plinking loads I would not use these bullets on game)
They ran 3166 to 3179 Avg 3174 could not tell the difference!
BTW they shot a sub 1" group!

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