Magazine Box difference Between ADL & BDL


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Jan 17, 2007
Black River Falls, WI
So I recently purchased a Bell & Carlson Medalist for my Remington 700 Stainless Steel SPS ADL in .338 Win Mag. I already have bottom metal for a BDL to convert it over, but I'm having a problem.

The magazine box is too tall and the bottom metal sits off the bottom of the stock about a .25".

So here's my question. Is there a difference between the ADL and BDL magazine box? I really need to get this figured out because I'll be heading to Wyoming in two weeks for an elk hunt and I still need to bed it and do a little bit of load development.

If needed, I can post pics later.
You either need to get a BDL box or you can sand down your ADL box to fit if you are on a tight budget. Check the classifieds or put up a post. Im sure someone may have one laying around.
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