Lyman/Siebert 36x

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    Apr 6, 2006
    I have a Lyman 25x LWBR that was boosted to 36x by Wally Siebert.

    In the original box is the correspondence between Wally and Mike Shepherd who was apparently either gunsmith for the US Army or as a sideline while in the Army. It was shipped to an APO in April of 1979.

    Taylor Barracks, APO 09086, Kaefertal Germany which is apparently near Mannheim.

    I am curious as to the history of such an optic, value and the slim possibility that someone may have heard of Mike Shepherd. I am planning on putting this 'scope on my .30-.338 that was built by the Air Force (on an 03A3 action) in the mid-'70's for Arlie Jones.

    Any information (or where to look) on the optic, Mike Shepherd or Arlie Jones would be greatly appreciated.


    PS I haven't posted in a while. Just a few years.... It took me a while to work out my password.