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May 4, 2001
Houston, Texas
Recently, I've had a couple of lengthy conversations with a broker/guide for an outfitter called Thunder Cloud Marketing here in Texas who informed me that at least one of the property owners belonging to this outfit will welcome long range hunters on his ranch(es). Two of the ranches in question are in areas of Texas where the terrain is characteristically 'canyonie', rendering them well suited to the kind of hunting for which everyone here has a big hard-on. Of course, hunting opportunities are not limited to indigenous species (e.g. whitetail & feral swine), but depending on the ranch where one hunts, include various exotic types as well. The nice thing about this outfit is that the trophy fees are as competitive as I've seen anywhere in the Southwest (e.g. Silver to Gold Medal Blackbuck specimens for only $1,000). And obviously, if you don't kill, you don't pay.

Check 'em out at . . . and be sure to study the pic under the San Angelo Game Ranch of the young man with the Aoudad ram. You'll notice that it's a hellava long, clear way to the hill in the background!!! And then call Steve Thornell in Abilene . . . a really swell and very interesting personality!


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Have you in recent years, or ever for that matter, been summarily 'shot down' by outfitters and/or game ranch owners upon approaching them about LRH opportunities on their spreads? The reason I ask - and the reason I summited this post in the first place - is because that **** has happened to me more times than I can count. In fact, it happened again today (Thursday) when I phoned this old lady whose got a huge spread near Austin with Gold Medal Axis and Aoudad on it. She was offering a Gold Medal trophy of either species for $1,200 - and really seemed to want me to come and get one - but got all ****ie at the prospect of me reaching out past 200 yards for one, insisting that I had to be some kind of nut to want to do that when I could just wait in a silly stand and shoot one when it came to an adjacent feeder . . . NOT MORE THAN 120 YARDS OUT in this case!!! I finally told her to call me when she felt inclined to let me try for one at > 600 yards!

I'd love it if she got so desperate for the cash that she called!!!

Yeah, I know what you mean they(most) are afraid that you will wound the animal and it will die slowly
. Once in a while someone will say I'ld like to see you do that

By the way did you get the e-mail I sent you with the picture of that Blackbuck from one of those $600 hunts?

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