LR practical practice setup..

Dave King

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May 3, 2001

Buy a weed-whacker!

Wind meter is a nice thing to have too.
My setup is pretty meager, basically a Rem 700VS in .308 Win w/ a Tasco SS10x42 scope shooting 175gr SMKs at about 2750fps. Working on a kind of switch barrel project for it to .243 Win w/ a Sightron SII6-24x42 scope w/ dot reticle. Should be able to get the 87gr V-Max to work, hoping to be able to push a 105gr A-Max fast enough to work properly. My bench setup is either a home built Booger Bench w/ Sinclair front benchrest and Bald Eagle bags, or a Harris bipod. One of the local ranges goes out to 600yds, and supposedly there is a 1k target backer out there, but they keep it down so that the 'deer hunters' don't mow it down w/ volley fire, so I have to go find it first

How 'bout some more pictures of the tripod setup? I've been wanting a Hart Ultimate Tripod for a while, what is this thing you've to there?

Hey Jake,
What kind of rest on the tripod do you have there?

My bench amounts to a plywood top inset into the box on my Polaris 6x6 for moving down range quickly. I use a river bed whith a bank on the end as a backstop for shooting out to over 1000 yards, the spot luckily is right accross the street from my home. I'm thinking of bulding a permanent bench in concrete out there at 300 yards for load development and testing with the Oehler 43. Building a permanent target base will happen first. I use a Lahti Rifle Evaluator rest for testing and just rice bags for practice. I have marked off every 100 yard increment downrange with painted and flagged concrete stakes measured with a steel tape. Wind is predominantly 12 o'clock coming down the valley.

I'll have to take some pics sometime. If I wanted I could go as far back as 2500-3000yds, but don't have the rangefinder for it today. All my time and ammo is burnt up with my effective hunting range at no more than 1000 yards right now. This is plenty to occupy me for a while.
I use a portable bench with a hart 1000y rest and rear bag to hold the rifle. The bench has holes with T nuts for my press for load development. For ranging I use a Wild range finder. I shoot at a farm 15 miles away.I can get 1100 meters to shoot I have one target at 820 Meters and one at 1100 meters the targets used are 5'x4' stapled to a 4'x8' sheet of osb the wind is from left to right most of the time with the sun behind me for a good view of the target.I shoot a 6.5/284 and a 338 yogi most of the time.

Crow Mag
Dave King.. Hehehe.. I know what ya mean.. But if'n I go whackin all those little pines the timber company'll come out and gimme a whoopin.. d:^) I've been ooglin some of those wind meters.. Any suggestions.?
milanuk.. Me 'ol pal Gene uses the 87gr VMax's in his 6/.284 with great success.. Probably the only thing stoppin me from gettin one is that'd be admittin he was right all along.!! Hehehe.. Here's another pic of the rest.. I made it here in the shop.. It's a bit more "mechanical" than Wally's.. I'm still refining it.. Cool thing is I've made a coupla different tops for it.. Makes a great spotter/camera top with the PanaVise..
Brent.. Check the above for more info on the tripod.. Sounds like an extra schweet deal ya have goin there.. I look forward to those pics.!!
crow mag .. Pics man,pics.!! Hehehe..

There's a link to my tripod page at my website.. I just recently moved so everything is in a state of disorder right now.. I'll try to get it back up.. There's also been a few mods to the top since these pics.. JiNC

Hey fellas.. I was wondering what kindof setups y'all use for practice.. I'm not talkin about "ideal" dream setups or unlimited funds "James in TN"/military type stuff but what do us average Joe's use.?? The pic below is of my little 500 yard lab at the club sans chrony.. I've since got a case of "magnumitis" and am wanting to stretch on out to beyond 1K.. The rifles are in the works but I'm sure there's lots of extra "goodies" that will make the trip more enjoyable/fruitful.. The club is a coupla hours away so I thought I'd try to maximize my time and get some ideas as to what-all is needed so I can check inventory beforehand.. The ranges I've located so far go from PB to just over 2000 yards in different locations..
.. So far I have a Hart table and my portable reloading setup.. I also have a Burris spotter that works great for .22 holes at 500 or so but I'm pretty sure it ain't gonna cut it for this stuff.. Thanks in advance.!! JiNC

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