Looking for Semi-Custom or Factory Mountain Rifle for LR Sheep, Elk, Mulies, Bear...

Discussion in 'The Basics, Starting Out' started by Canadian Hunter, Aug 18, 2003.

  1. Canadian Hunter

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    Aug 18, 2003

    I'm looking for a faily lightweight LEFT-HAND, long-range rifle. Probably 9 pounds max -fully equiped (Scope, sling, bipod, loaded). Ideally, a lighter rifle is better (about 7.5-8 pounds)but I'm concerned about locking on target after heavy breathing climbing up a mountain...and I always thought that for long-range, you needed a heavy barrel...Probably a 26" barrel(not longer, and preferably 24" if you think it is still good for LR) and in .300wsm or .300 WM.(which cartridge is better for me?)

    I would use it for sheep, elk, bear and mulies. Max range would be 600 yards. I would prefer it to shoot two loads. 1. a ballistic tip or bonded bullet in 165-180gr. for long range sheep, black bear, mulies 2. a 180gr-200gr. for elk, moose, possibly Grizzly

    I've looked at HS PRECISION any comments? Remember need left-hand...But also thought a good Savage Weather Warrior factory with excellent scope might do it for less money and be a good intro rifle??

    THank you for helping me- I appreciate it! [​IMG]
  2. jcpython357

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    Mar 12, 2003
    CH, I work with a guy that has an HS rifle in 7mmRem mag. says it's an excellent, and it does shoot the guaranteed 1/2" that HS claims, I've got an HS sporter stock on my 7mm08 which is the same one they use for their SPR(sporter)rifle, and I'm very impressed with the feel of this stock when I throw it up to my shoulder, For the money, I can't see where you'd do any better elsewhere, As far as a cartridge, I'd go with the 300WSM, last I talked to CS at HS, they had just made a 300WSM for a guy that shot a onehole group. Jay
  3. chris matthews

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    May 14, 2001
    What kinda of budget do you have for this project? That's going to be the deciding factor but what you wnat is very do-able.
  4. Canadian Hunter

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    Aug 18, 2003
    Thanks guys-very informative. I've posted this in optics too, but it carries from my original post.

    I just decided on a long range starter rifle (semi-custom rifle to purchase at later date). It is the Model 16 Savage, Stainless steel, composite stock Weather Warrior, 24" barrel, weight 6.75 pounds in .300WSM.

    I will use it to hunt (% of time):
    Deer (mulies/WT):40%
    Black Bear:15%
    Bighorn Sheep: 10%
    Caribou: 10%
    Moose: 10%

    Summary: Short range to long range animals across wide variety of terrain and hunting conditions.

    Max range for my hunting (% of time):
    0-300 yards: 75%
    300-400 yards: 20%
    400-600 yards: 5% (less than 2%>500 yards)

    Summary: 95% of shots inside 400 yards, with occassional long shots up to MAX. 600 yards (under ideal conditions etc...)

    Need rugged, preferrably silver and light weight (for 'mountain rifle'), scope, with W/E adjustments allowing for shots out to max. 600 yards (I think for all scopes below, W/E adj. get there, or holding very slightly higher on animal)

    Which scope should I mount (out of list of 4 below)given:$budget$, my rifle, animals hunted and range:

    1.Leopold Compact 3-9X 33mm Silver(Duplex)64"E/adj. (lightest, with most elevtion adj.)
    2.VX-II 3-9X 40mm Tactical Matte(Duplex)56"E/adj.
    3.VX-II 3-9X 40mm Silver (Duplex) 56"E/adj.
    4.VX-II 3-9X 50mm Matte (Duplex) 56"E/adj.

    Would you change your minds from list above if I were to add in (max. end of $budget$)?:
    1.Vari-X III 2.5-8X 36mm Silver (Duplex)56"E/adj.
    2.Zeiss Conquest 3-9x40 Silver Finish, Plex Reticle 64"E/adj. also heaviest at 15 ounces

    Thank you for taking the time to answer my question. I appreciate it. I will consider all of your opinions.